A self-reflection tool
that increases awareness of your
personal & team values.

Your values are the core of who you are

You become an image of your core values. They govern your attitudes, emotions and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. They determine you behaviours and motivations.

They are defined as “Lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable are the cornerstones of our society”.

They give you insights on how to move forward in life. Everyone has their own combination of values, which makes them unique. Knowing and understanding yours and those of your family, colleagues or team members benefits your way of living and working. The moment you start living your live in accordance with your personal values, you become satisfied and content, you enter a different stage in life.

We believe it is something that should be used in every office, classroom, and home.

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Designed by the amazing Arna Miller

Discover Your Values - How to play

The cards were designed with flexibility and creativity in mind, so that players can make their own instructions.

Here is the most simple option:

Take the cards, think about your life, your behaviours, what motivates you and start going throught the values and select the ones that resonate with you. After the first selection, keep on going and focus on the ones you find the most important until you get your top 5.

Use these self-reflection questions below to help with the selection.

  • What does the value mean to me and how do I define it?

  • How does the value manifest itself in my life/work?

  • How would I like it to be manifested?

  • Which of my actions shows that this value is important to me and which actions shows the opposite?

  • What did I do today to fulfil this value in me?

  • What would change in my life/work if this value would be more important?

  • Which behaviours are encouraging or discouraging the implementation of this value in my life/work?

  • How do someone behave having this as a core values?

  • How would my life/work look like if I would fully embrace this value?

For those who don't have the Game Of Values at home, here is a free PDF with values.

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We create bespoke values-based games and workshops for our clients and help them with the discovery of who they really are.

Do you know your core values and how they are being lived?